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  • Sumter County Six-Pointer


    Got into the stand only 15 mins before this 6 pt showed up munching on some corn left on the edge of a sprouting wheat field in Gable, SC. Distance was 105 yards. Clear sky right at sunrise. Facing East into the sun, the buck started to head South across the wheat to think brush. About one-third the way over, I called to him with a doe grunt on a Primo\'s Buck Roar call. On the third call he stopped perfectly broadside. Remembering what a friend told me about shot placement and \'trusting the optics\' I put the cross-hairs right on the base of his neck and squeezed off a 150 gr. Remington Core-Lokt 30.06 round, and he dropped right there on the spot.

    The deer processor said he weighs 125 lbs prior to dressing.