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  • Took a few Ladies out for Dinner

    My Girlfriend has been on my Butt with tomorrow being the last day of Deer Season to stop sight seeing and Get some meat!!!! So after I filled my Buck Tags I started meat hunting.... Have seen a Bunch at various locations but I will not shoot if I can\'t tell Does from Button Head Bucks because that\'s a bad feeling to shoot a young buck and today they showed up Early...8 of them and I only had 3 shells in my Gun so I picked out 3 Does and very proud of my shot on number 3 because she was 278 Yards away but anyway, with the price of meat at the store, I Thank the Good Lord for Blessing me and my Family with these Groceries!!!! Look Out Ducks and Squirrels!!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW... People can talk crap all they want about Remington Core-lok Ammo but It's not the ammo that's not getting the job done!!!! All 3 of these does Dropped!! Big Doe was 141.2 Pounds
       Chad B
    Man That's Awsome, Looks Like you Had A Great Season.