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  • Tag number 2 of 2013

    Got countless Trail Cam Videos of this Buck and after a Bigger buck I was after disappeared, I switched my efforts back to this Guy. Had a few close encounters but never gave me the shot I was after. Sat all Day in a pouring rain the day after I last seen him only to see a Doe and 3 Point so Christmas Eve, I battled high winds and was rewarded with 15 minutes of daylight left as he followed 7 Does in. I took a Great Buck very similar to this 1 in 2011 from the same stand and again in a very high wind.

    10 Point
    16 1/4 Inside Spread
    163 Pounds even
    Nother nice one
    Real nice late season buck you got there gt...that is a nice Christmas present for sure. Miss reading your posts.
    Thanks Cross Man...Hope you been doing great Buddy!!!!