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  • Taged Out! 110 Class Buck and a 100 class

    A couple of weeks ago towards the end of muzzeloading I posted the buck i killed with my CVA WOLF well im officially tagged out now a few Saturdays ago sitting in the stand i killed the buck i killed with my WOLF the good Lord blessed me with another one it was about 7:20 when my dad radioed me and told me that there was a good buck headed my way but he didn't have a shot so get ready. I got my Remington 30.06 up and waited. Then all of a sudden i heard walking through the woods then there he was walking strait towards my corn pile so i waited until he stepped out broadside and squeezed the trigger bam!!!!!!! Droped him dead in his tracks. My dad had watched the whole through his binoculars. It has been such a blessed and wonderful season so far. God really has blessed me with all my time and hard work i do during deer season and when the season is out.
    Congrats on taking a nice buck. What a great blessing to be able to share this hunt with your Dad .
    Good job.

    Tagged out?

    What about all those doe tags you have so that you can jump on in with the QDMA team?
    thanks yall i appreciate it but yea im working on filling those also.