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  • My lucky two weeks paid off

    Man !!! What a freakin week!!! After some cat and mouse games I took the two bucks I had my eyes on since September. These deer I let walk last year and boy did they grow. It's amazing with the right food and age what you can grow. I found the left side sheds from both of them last year also. Blew my mind how much of a jump they made. Great bucks with a history just can't beat it.
    9pt: 20.5 inside spread
    13' g2's
    10.5' g3's
    24' main beams
    5' mass at base and 4.5' on beams
    11pt: 17' inside spread
    12.5' g2's
    11' g3's
    5' g4
    20' main beams
    3.75' mass
    Sweet Action
    Way to go bud. Two great looking deer. Nice to not eat any tags isn't it. I killed both of mine this year two days in a row as well.