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  • A Doe? A Deer? A 140 Doe?

    I have been hunting this deer all season! Have not seen him/her since mid-September until this afternoon! As you can see, she/he is still in pristine velvet! Passed on several 2 1/2s and 3s that were chasing! This deer stepped out feeding like it was the summer feeding pattern! Full velvet, no male organs (to speak of) and large teats. Biologist was able to inspect prior to skinning. Several possible scenarios as to why this happened! An incredible deer with a story to be told for sure!
    freak nasty
    Well whateva it is - it has a nice set of headgear. Congrats!
    I killed a mule deer buck several years ago and he had no testicles. In full velvet in November.
    Possible reasons I was told was that he MIGHT have gotten them ripped off by barbed wire OR (which I had never heard) the dominate buck in the herd had bitten his testicle off to take away a competitor and therefore there was no testosterone flowing.
    Did your deer have female organs other than big teats?
    Anyway, great deer whether buck or doe!
    Right on. Thats awesome. Super rare, and a great deera that. Does the velvet look any different than a 'Parts Carrying' buck in early fall?
    Not many velvet bucks killed with a rifle in NC that are legal and that is for sure!Especially one of that caliber. Very cool. I had a trailcam pic of a freaky buck last year in Oct that was still in full velvet. That was the last I saw of him to this day. He had a fully developed 4pt side on his right and a full-length main beam with only a brow tine looking to be 8+' on his left. Congrats on a extraordinary kill.