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  • Pipe Feeder Deluxe

    Been hunting hard for the last week but I've seen little action. This has left me with too much idle time to think up crazy stuff.
    I've had these pipe fedders for awhile and there white so they kinda stand out in the woods - not that the deer care but I wanted something a bit more concealed so got an idea of how to dress them up a bit.
    These are 6 inch pvc pipe (5' long), knock the lid ring off of a gal paint can and that makes a perfect top.
    First I painted the pipe flat black with a shaker can.
    Then I attached some treebark with Loc-Tite adhesive (caulk tube) - I looked @ Liquid Nails but it says not recommended for pvc or plastic.
    Check it out - I thought it turned out pretty good and cost me about $15 for the paint and adhesive.
    The final product
    Here's how it ended up looking...
    great idea
    thanks for sharing I think it looks awesome great job
    Thanx Rage - I guess this is the sorta thing that happens when one has too much time on their hands. lol
    I really like it though cuz it is darn near invisible in the woods.
    great job and good idea.
    Looks Fantastic!!
    Justin that is a great idea!! I would loose that sucker in the woods once it ran out of corn so realistic. I may have to steal that idea.
    Great Idea
    That looks awesome! I am going to make me a couple for the property.