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  • New to NC

    I just got to NC a few weeks ago and its killing me that I haven't gotten in the woods. What are the best game lands around for deer? I archery and rifle hunt. I'm stationed on Ft. Bragg but haven't had the time yet to take their on post hunting course. I'm fully licensed and legal in NC but want to get in the woods ASAP! any help!

    NC Game lands

    I've found this link to be helpful in my area, Been a while since I've lived in the sandhills so i don't know how the public land is around there - Good Luck - SN
    You are in luck!

    With rifle season going on you will have time to get into the woods in some of the abundant gamelands NC has.

    If you venture out there on Saturdays it should even give you some training for Afghanistan given the amount of guns in the woods.