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  • Record Breaking Bluegill from the Heart of NC

    Location: Greensboro
    State: North Carolina
    Fish: Bluegill 'Sunfish'


    I caught this Monster Bream/Bluegill the first week of April 2013. It was about 6:30pm and I was using 'Live Canadian Night crawlers' or as Walmart marketed them. I was mainly targeting Bass around the bank, and in the weeds. I cast my Night crawler (weightless) approx 15 ft into some lily pads and was attacked immediately. I thought it could be a pretty good sized bass (i.e. 3 lbs) by the fight it was putting out, needless to say I was pretty awestruck when I landed it. I've caught tons of bream/bluegill/etc and have done a fair share of image searches on the web and without trying to 'float-my-boat' believe it to be up there with the all time heavyweights.
    Well I have no idea what the record is for Bluegill but congrats on your monster at any rate. Looks like you were having a good time.
    That's a good size bluegill but the state record is 4.5 lbs! The NCARP size is 1 lb. or 11' and it most likely would of qualified for a citation. The state record was caught in Henderson county in 1967! Congrats again on that nice fish!
    Re: Record Breaking Bluegill from the Heart of NC
    Monster Bream