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  • Regional Rut Report?

    Was hunting near Scotland Neck last weekend, and came across a scrape that reeked of buck. Didn't see much activity though, as a full moon kept the deer moving through the night.

    Haven't smelled that out east, but had a button chase a doe under my stand this morning, near Plymouth, NC.

    What ye say about the state-of-the-rut where you live/hunt? Is the best yet to come? (Please say yes)... :)
    Just starting
    I'm further east across the chowan river, Been seeing a lot of scrapes this year and a friend harvested a buck that was stinkin this week, the next few days should be good
    Pre-rut is on. I have been seeing scrapes and rubs for a month now in Sampson and Pender counties. I watched a doe with 2 yearlings Sunday before last get pushed around by 2 spikes and saw a 4 point chasing a young doe that Saturday.

    With the temps dropping and the full moon passing the whole state should start seeing pre-rut. I think your area Hawkman and mine is getting ready to bust loose in the next 3 weeks. The Best is yet to come.
    Oh, yeah... pre-rut is here
    In Chatham county, i called in a 2 1/2 year-old with the rattlin horns and he came in, made a scrape and rubbed a tree right in front of my tree stand. I have seen lots of young bucks harassing the does, but no breeding activity yet. Time to really start with the doe bleat calls and the rattling horns. YAYYYY!!!!!
    Pre rut is on
    The Pre rut is starting to get Under Way In Durham and Chatham Conties. havnt seen but a couple of does and one small 6 pointer on Jordan gl I let walk a few days. seen a few scrapes and rubs. Just not many deer where im hunting at but this coming up week should be good; I think. Going back to hunt Butner-falls mon. I didn't want to mess Up The NCBA ANNUARAL Butner hunt so that's why I was on Jordan. But Did take a doe with crossbow on Jordan 2 weeks ago and missed a doe a few Days Ago. good luck to all!!
    I sat a food plot Friday afternoon and had a doe walk in around 5:30. 15 minutes later a 3 year old 6 point 14 inches wide with short tines came in on her and ran her out of the plot. He then made 2 scrapes and walked out. 20 minutes goes by and the doe came back out. By 6:15 I had 8 doe in the field when an 8 point, about 3 years old and maybe 15 inches wide, came in with his nose on the ground followed by a tall 10 inch cow horn. The 8 pushed a couple of doe and then checked two of his scrapes and left. As last light came I found a 90 pound doe at 190 yards that needed a tailgate ride.
    Saturday evening I sat over a holly tree that had 6 scrapes under it, but night fell with no show. It's on.