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  • a vidoe of a good 8pt

    a video of last nights hunt. Got this deer within 19yds but think hes needs 1 more yr!
    Great Footage
    Man that is some great footage. I would say give him 2 years and watch that right side G-3 pop on up there. I would guess he's 3 1/2 and in the next two years all his growth energy is going to start going to those antlers, and who knows what he'll become. That young double beam needs to go IMO. When I started watching the footage I saw the ears go back and the 8 blow up. I figured there must be another buck close and then you panned left. Cool interaction. Thanks for sharing.
    That's a great video. Looks like you're growing some nice bucks.
    Huntman & I haven't seen any jaw-droppers and the one big 6pt and our 'goofy' we thought we'd try to tag have disappeared. We've seen a few basket racks but they all need a few more years so we'll thin the doe herd for now. But I told huntman all of these bachelor groups will be broken up and new buck will probably appear that we had not been seeing - at least that's what I hope happens.
    Good luck to ya!