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  • Huntman Wins

    Well folks I know absolutely nothing about all of these social media things - DramaBook, Instagram, etc but I guess it's a good thing for Hunter that his mom knows that stuff.
    Sportsman Mag had a thing where you send a 'shout out' via Instagram for the chance to win a $100 gift certificate to the online store. So my wife sent this pic of Hunter's 1st bow kill and his photo was selected. I guess I'm stating that right and have no idea what the criteria was for the selection. All I know is Hunter was happy at the Fair yesterday when he beat me & won the turkey @ the turkey shoot and even happier today that he gets to do some shopping @ the Sportsman Store.
    Gonna see if I can work a shirt in there for me. lol
    Thanx Sportsman Mag!
    Congrats Huntman! Justin, just be careful of the monster you create lol. My son will not hunt but the largest Bass on our wall is his....10.3 pounds!
       j carter
    Well all I can say Justin is I hope I can raise my son as well as u have. Congrats to ur boy and the gift card. My little boy seen ur boy with a deer and now this is all he's talked about all morning. So tell huntsman he's got big or should I say little fans out there. Congrats again guys!!
    Way to go. Looks like your having a 'winning season'. Congrats
    Viper - I know what you mean but I believe that's a 'monster' I can deal with. lol I hope he does surpass any of my own accomplishments.
    JC - How old is your boy? I'm sure you're doing just fine w/ him. Hunter plays soccer and baseball for his school and just about every other minute we're in the woods or at a pond. lol I think one of the biggest things is just to involve them and don't let them get hung up w/ those xbox / psp type things. At first Hunter was only allowed to play his Wii for 1hr in a week but now I don't have to say anything cuz we're always outside. lol I'm blessed cuz he's a great kid - listens and does as he has been taught. Best thing is that he pushes me to be better - I have bow hunted a little in the past but he really pushed me to get more 'serious' about archery and we're having a lot of fun. Hopefully the girls don't turn his head too far in the next couple years. lol
    D - Thanx for the kind words. I told Huntman read the comments and he just had a big 'ol grin on his face. With him winning @ the turkey shoot and then the gift cert to Sportsman store, I'm thinking maybe I should take him to get a lottery ticket. lol
       Chad B
    Hey, Congrats on The Win, That is Awsome!!
    Thanx Chad! Had not seen you on in a while and I've been wondering what you was up to.
    Good luck to you this season!