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  • Buck Numbers

    I don't know if you have ever checked out the harvest reports that State Game Officials put out each year but, here is a link:

    I was looking at the Harvest reports for the state which give you total deer harvested by Buck, Button Buck or Doe. It also gives you the other references pages for harvest by type of hunting, weapon choice and so forth.

    On the link that I referenced above there is a column that shows antlered Bucks per square mile for each county of the state. If you look at it some counties just pop out especially North Hampton. The only thing that puzzled me was the counties that stand out are not in one region of the state, yet they are spaced out. So why do they have such high numbers of bucks?

    I started comparing and crunching the numbers and the overwhelming factor for each of these counties is....their buck to doe harvest numbers are almost balanced. In every other county with lower buck numbers the Buck harvest are over overwhelmingly 'OUT' of balance.

    It goes to show it's not where you live and hunt, it's how you manage your herds (DOE POPULATION). Everyone wants a wall hanger so the best way to get that is conservation through herd management.

    Everyone be safe out there and drop some of them does!