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  • Lost Deer

    Has anyone had a mech broad head not open on impact. I shot a deer last Saturday with no blood trail. I hit it a little far back in the small intestines. The small rubber band was at the back near vain. Does this mean it did not open all the way when it passed through the deer or is this the location where the rubber band should end up. Spent Sun and Mon searching for him, no luck.
    Rubber Band
    I started shooting Rage last year and I'm still shooting them. I have found that the rubber band most times breaks and falls off but, on occasions has not broken and slid down the arrow. I'm sure the broad head opened. You just don't get a lot of blood from that shot! Good luck on the next one.
    I have had situations before where I took shots on deer quartering to me with the entrance being in the lungs and the exit being in the gut. Two of these times I found the deer by tracking the running tracks in the leaves. When I found them I saw that the arrow and fletching had actually pulled a bit of the gut out of the hole. This gut 'plug' had actually stopped the blood from being able to drain for a proper blood trail.

    Don't know if this is the same deal you have but it did happen to me. Sucks but crazy things happen in the deer woods

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