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  • Where I am now.

    HELLO GENTS! I'm new to the forum and NC hunting so hang in there. After a futile preseason effort of hustling and driving all over creation to shake hands with farmers and landowners (seems like every farm or landowner in the state is leased out) I am focusing more on public land now (specifically Alcoa Game Lands) for the fact that they have the 6 day hunting schedule. I am not looking to slay a trophy by any stretch but some meat for the freezer wold be superb. I have scouted there and seen plenty of sign, both human tracks and deer tracks also lots of dog tracks abound (Oh boy)

    Does anyone on here have any experience or luck bow hunting this area? (Specifically where Alcoa straddles rowan and davie counties on the Yadkin river) I've scouted quite a few different areas and found some good oak bottoms with access to thick cover and with the river right there. it seems to be a win win 'minus all the foot traffic.' Anyway, I am looking forward to chatting. Cheers gang, should be an interesting season!
    Welcome to the Site
    Welcome to the site. I don't know much about Game Lands or the one you speak of but, I'm sure someone can give you a heads up! Just my opinion but I would pick a game land that was only opened a couple days of the week. I would think that would make it less desirable to others hunters and reduce the pressure on the game.

    Good luck this season!
    Game lands
    Game lands hold good deer both bucks and does. One thing I've found about high traffic properties is that ou either have to hunt way back in away from the access points or hunt so close to the truck that other people walk right past good cover. This first buck was shot 400 yards from the truck eating pin oaks. The second was shot 1.5 miles from the truck pushing does. Scouting is tough though. The best way is to be confident with your plan and hunt on the best days with the wind. Going in multiple times just to look around will blow their pattern. ChadB is also a good game lands hunter down east to look for
    Thanks Viperx4, I have a wonky work schedule which can be tough to work around at times. Hunting public land is no problem, just takes a little more trekking to the out of the way spots.

    I'm looking forward to the challenge!
    Thanks for the input. Damn nice bucks by the way! That second one looked like he was feet away from tumbling down the side of that hill. Beautiful country out that way for sure!

    You hit the nail on the head about getting deep in the woods. Seriously thinking about getting a beat up mountain bike and riding in on some of these old logging roads.

    Certain Game lands around central are tough to navigate by how thick they are. I'm seriously thinking about taking a ground blind in to some of these spots.

    Thanks for the heads up, hopefully I'll have some pics up soon.

    Also. Don't be afraid to hit the road and go somewhere new. The second buck i posted was from my first morning of the first trip to that specific game lands. When you're hunting game lands. You don't have food plots and feeders to pattern your deer. Figure out what they generally should be doing and go from there. The velvet buck I killed was going from a big pine plantation to water so I hung a lock on near some oaks in between. The rifle buck was tending does on the south side of the hill in the winter out of the wind.

    Most mountains can be hunted the same way. When you get a hard wind still hunt on the leeward side. Usually this will be the southern or eastern side. They will be there out of the wind so they can hear and generally you will have more mast on those sides due to the higher amount of sunlight during the year. That has paid off for me time and time again.

    Flat ground is a little tougher so you'll just have to identify cover and feeding grounds on the map then do a 'soft' scout by still hunting one day after you get down from your morning sit.
    Game lands can be tricky but the payoff is awesome when you bring one home
    Mountain hunting
    Really appreciate the feedback AppMntHntr, NC can be a whole different animal in terms of terrain. its much different compared to what I'm used to. mountain hunting or any kind of terrain other than flat will be a challenge for me coming from flat/low country SC. Hunting way out where you are I'm sure would be a huge payoff. I am certainly not afraid to make a 2 hour drive and camp out somewhere for a couple days. the next Game land on my list is Green River Game Lands just north of Saluda. Looks like sone nice area out that way.

    quick question, I don't own a rife, is bow hunting in the mountain/ hilly country twice as challening? also was the velvet buck shot on private land or GL?

    What do dear eat up there? thanks. - T&T
    Welcome to the forums Man!! I myself have zero experience about hunting public land but I know there are some great opportunities out there. You have the go the extra mile(Literally) to be succcessful in most cases. I am not familiar with that part of the state some I can really not add anything. I do looking forward to corresponding with you and getting your opinions on various post. Anyway I hope you have a great season....
    Velvet buck was game lands too. I'm not far from you I live in winstonsalem now. Velvet buck was killed At Perkins gl in Davie county. Alcoa has much higher deer density though. Never hunted green river in buncombe. Spent most of my life on pisgah NF in Burke and McDowell counties. You might look at sliding up 85 to butner down by Raleigh.
    Bow hunting in the mountain game lands is generally only productive stand sitting over oak patches durin early season. Still hunting with a bow in the mountains is tough cause of the thick woods and it's hard to be quiet. I killed a few does still hunting with a bow up in Boone but only after a few inches of snow. So I could track them up quietly. Takes a LOT of time with a lot of blown stalks and wasted effort. If you want to still hunt in the mountains get a rifle and slip along the least windy side of the hill. Once you see does get still and watch what they are doing. More often than not a buck will be tending them close by. Start grunting softly and see how they react. That's how I killed the big 8 in the second pic. Grunted soft and watched the does till I saw him. Then got more aggressive and he closed the distance to give me a shot. I have killed a lot of mountain bucks this way. Remember too that most game lands in the mountains are buck only for gun until the last week. I don't know if much of this is helpful but it is the best ways I have found for puttin meat on the ground. Remember that hunting game lands is all about makin a plan and adjusting it once you figure the deer out. Not like you have a timed feeder to go sit over. Going in gung-ho with no plan will lead to a lot of wasted days afield.