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  • Human Interest Story

    I just wanted to share a heart felt story about a kid that is dieing to go hunting!

    I have a friend from many years ago, 31 years ago to be exact. Who's grandson has been sick for the last couple of years. The doctors could not find out what was wrong with him until they took him to a specialist. His diagnosis was 'Pandas disease'. This boy is 10 years old. Every day last year he would get up early and practice with his bow in hopes that his papa would take him hunting with him. Yet everytime, papa would drive off to hunt with out this young man.

    His Grandma my friend of many years contacted me about taking him hunting a few days ago. I told he wasn't old enough to bow hunt with the poundage he shoots but, come November I would try to get him in a shooting house kind of setup where he could shoot a deer with a rifle.

    God works in mysterious ways because I came home tonight and was checking out Facebook and I saw a friend of mine on facebook had a request for anyone that knew of a kid that wanted to go on a hunt. That friend was Dennis Prigdon of Part Time Whitetails. I sent Dennis a private message that I had just gotten such a request 2 days ago and I think I had a candidate for him. Dennis responded in just a couple of minutes.

    Since then Dennis has contacted the boys grand-ma and they are planning a hunt sometime in November. Folks God works in mysterious ways but this was truly a connection this boy needs.

    I have to give it up for Team Part Time Whitetails and their efforts to give back what God has given them and to take time to spend with a 10 year old boy that has little hope. Dennis Prigdon, God will bless you! Thank you so much for responding to call and being a 'REAL HUNTER'!