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  • Personal 3 Year Challenge Met! Doe Shot at 102 yards

    Not a shot I recommend unless you practice it. I\'ve been practicing this 100 yard shot for 3 years now. Some of you members may have seen my video on the new bow strings I put on my 7 year old Hoyt TrykonXL this year. New strings out of the box with very little practice I hit 4 for 4 on a 3-D target at 100 yards. A little more shooting and tweaking of my right left windage and I was ready.

    The conditions have to be perfect. Angle of the shot, little or no wind and a still target. People talk about the deer moving right or left from hearing the shot and with the hang time, you can make a bad shot. The facts are that with a quiet enough bow the shot really isn\'t heard down range until the arrow has passed and my bow smith and I have tested this theory. Yes you can hear the shot 30 40 50 and even 60 yards out, but beyond that it gets muffled by the foliage. The shot hang time on this shot at 102 yards was 1.04 seconds at 294fps and the doe was head down eating when I ranged her.I watched her for 10 minutes before the shot and she never moved until the arrow hit her. Honestly, I lost sight of the arrow at impact and it looked to me, like it went over her back by an inch. She was in the shadows 10 minutes after sunset at 7:20pm. I looked for the arrow at the edge of the bean field thinking I had missed and couldn\'t find it in the dark. I went back this morning and couldn\'t find it but I found blood, ten yards down the bank in the marsh. The further I went the more the blood, chopping my way through 10 foot high reeds and bush with a machete. I found the doe as she lays in this picture maybe 50 yards in the marsh.

    This was a personal challenge that I have put a lot of time, thought and practice into. Not a shot I would recommend for every archer without doing a lot of home work and practice. Technology has shattered the limits of the old standards. Kind of like having a motorcycle and never breaking 40 mph on it. What fun is that?

    My only regrets are that I forgot to grab my video camera off the charger before I went hunting last night but, as I said, \'this was a personal challenge\'. The shot was as good as it could be on a slightly quartering away shot, hitting at the back of the left rib cage and lodging in the right front shoulder.

    I would like to thank John Paul MacPherson of 704 Outdoor TV for his kind words on their Facebook page.

    Whatever your personal challenge may be don\'t stop until you meet it. Let me leave everyone with a quote I saw this week:

    >>>I am in competition with no one. I have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone. I am simply trying to be better than the person I was yesterday.
    Robin Hood
    Congrats Viper !! Your a modern day robin hood !! You have been giving the does hell this year. Have you seen any bone this year ? All my bucks are only showing up at night. Anyways best of luck to you on the rest of your season.
    Tony I have seen maybe 5 or 6 bucks. Nothing worth putting on the wall so they get the pass. They have been mostly late evening or early early morning and always skirting the tree lines. They are starting to break up from the bachelor groups from what I've seen. On my buddies cameras they are even running each other of the feeders at night, where as a few weeks ago they would be eating together.
    Hang in there because in another month it will be on in the Southeastern part of the state. I think it's gonna cool off earlier this year than it did last year. Roxboro was 48 degrees this morning. Good luck.
    good shot I used to win a lot of money making long shots at tournaments. Now I wouldn't even try if I could .Had to get rid of bow due to medical condition .
    Thanks Coldfeet
    I hope you are still getting in some hunts. Are you shooting a cross-bow now? weapon or no weapon there is something therapeutic about being in the woods. Good luck.
    congrats on the doe viper.theres no way I could ever hit a deer at 100 yrds with a bow,but I guess if you have practiced it you can do it.
    And why would you want to try that shot?
    Unethical in my book. If you want to kill deer at 100 yards then get a rifle. Much more effective.
    Hope it's not the start of 'distance killing' issues with a bow. Will be a lot of wounded and lost deer in the woods.
    I would not call it unethical. If he practices that shot, consistently hits vitals and arrow penetrates enough for a kill I would have to say more power to him. Me on the other hand would never take a shot past 45 yards. I just am not comfortable enough with my skills to do it. I missed the chance on a nice buck my first day out, because he was at 55 yards and I did not have a 'warm and fuzzy' to take the shot.
    Jack Lamb
    I appreciate your concerns which are very valid and I hope everyone listens to him. If you can't make the shot don't try them unless you've practice them for a good while. I took the shot on this doe because the conditions where good and she was good the other direction by her body language. I didn't set out to try this shot, it just happened that way and when the range finder said '102' I knew the shot was in my capabilities and the first time I ever tried it. Before that 62 yards was my longest shot and for the same reason.....conditions were right. Sunday night I had my video, conditions were right a 6 doe were feeding away from me, I hit record on the touch screen only it didn't record, unfortunately. Had it recorded you would have seen how long I watched this group and waited until the deer was in the right position and with no wind made a text book behind the shoulder shot at 97 yards. I didn't want to post the picture or the story because I don't want loose guns trying something they have not put as much time into as I have. 102 yards is my furthest with the bow, 376 is my furthest with a rifle and I double that one by shooting both does last year. Let's just say I don't want to ride my motorcycle at 40 MPH all my life.....I have a bucket list and I'm filling it....responsibly through research and years of practice. Please read the Quote at the end of the report and good luck to everyone this year chasing your bucket list!
    Your bucket list and mine are evidently way different! 100 yard shots with a bow are only to defend yourself. Not kill deer. But I guess that's what makes the world spin.
    Hey Jack
    Like I said I appreciate your concerns. Here's a photo of the doe I shot at 97 yards. I set my sight pin to 100 yards because my next mark down was 80 yards. I figured it was easier to compensate the difference from 100 yards to 97 yards (3 yards difference in drop)than 80 yards to 97 yards. The flight time on the arrow was 1.010309 seconds, from release to impact. They say the vital area on a whitetail is 6 inches. At an angle the shot area closes down so on the 102 yards quartering away, I guess the shot had to be in a 4 inch area. The doe I shot at 97 yards in this picture was almost completely broadside and slightly quartering to me. This lead to a one lung/liver shot and everyone knows a liver shot is as quick a death as a double lung. You can see where the shot hit, it's that 2 inch wide slash behind the shoulder. Long after gun season comes in I will still have my bow in hand. Because I don't want to pound my chest that I put cross hairs on a deer at a 100 yards and squeezed the trigger. I want to know that I truly accomplished something in my quest to challenge myself in Life and to even the playing field with the game I pursue. Why? You ask.....because I can! All the same.....Good luck with your bucket list!
    Mad skills
    Wish I had your shooting ability. I will keep practicing.
    I appreciate your comment. You and anyone shooting a modern bow can shot outside the box with the right knowledge and training. Practice stretching out every practice session in 10 yard increments and before you know it you will be there. Probably the hardest thing is shooting enough to know that the yard marks you make and or set your pins to are tried and proven time after time. Once you have that down the next thing is breath control and holding that pin dead still. Snipers have to learn this skill. For me I'm a nervous wreck with a deer within 40 yards of me until it's time to shoot, but there is something about a deer being over 75 yards away that all the nerves go away and it's back to shooting targets in the yard. One thing this practice will do for you is make you a better shot up close. 6 years ago I got bored shooting the vitals on a 3-d target and started shooting for the eye on the 3-D target. Try it sometime at 20 or 30 yards. My bow smith and I shoot at an arrow nock stuck in the target from 40 yards. This will make you steady up.

    It's funny how I have been talking about working up to this shot for 3 plus years on this site and when I do it....twice now, people start posted negative pictures of things that happen if THEY tried this shot instead of congratulating a fellow member for meeting their personal goal. Jealousy I guess. But if they were half they sportsman they claim to be they would put their egos aside and start learning what it takes to accomplish this feat.

    Thanks again and good luck with your season!
    good shot viper. i wouldnt let the jeolus comments n post bother u. like u said they just jeolus they cant. do it. thats 2 great shots with the bow some people couldnt make with a open sight gun. congrats man and keep slingenem
    Ok, so I've been on here for awhile but don't normally comment much anymore for lack of time but when I came across this, I felt compelled.. First off, without reading your entire post - I will make the assumption with a fair amount of confidence that you will pull this shot off a VERY small % of the time. The best archer in the world CANNOT consistently calculate all of the elements that will affect an arrow over that kind of distance.

    In short, as an avid bow hunter and ethical outdoorsman, I find your 3 year conquest pathetic and useless. If you need to challenge your ego and or shooting skills, spare the good reputation of all us other bowhunters and take it out on your 3-D target.
    good reputation of all us other bowhunters
    As far as Good reputation of all us other bowhunters, I would assume you are talking about North Carolina bow hunters? Out west if you plan on hunting antelope, you better be proficient with 80 yard shots because most everything I read 60 yards is where they start and 80 yards is common. Antelope are a 1/3 smaller than Whitetail. I'll leave it at that.
    I guess your last comment justifies it.. It's not about jealousy or conquests as I see posted on here, it's about the respect a true hunter develops for the animal they hunt. Fact is, we all sooner or later wound and sometimes never recover our quarry but please explain to me why you would up the risk of such just to say you can??

    Viper, I'm sure you're a nice enough guy and avid sportsman but my opinion is that I don't value what you're doing to the least - there's no honor in it what-so-ever. I hope someday you re-consider your approach to the sport and tradition.