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    Makes a father proud when you son matures to the point he can hunt on his own and make good decisions.

    Over the past weekend we hunted with a friend of ours who hunted with a crossbow and he had let Jackson and I shoot

    A few times and I was very impressed with the speed and accuracy .I decided after work Monday sept 16 I would go buy one at

    Our local sporting goods in king and I purchased a Barnett jackle crossbow seemed to be a good and fair priced selection.

    The gentleman at the sporting goods said he had already laser sighted and only needed slight adjustment but to check before going to the field.

    I left and went to pick up Jackson from football practice (13 yrs old chestnut grove middle school king nc) he was very excited and asked if he could hunt when he got home. Once home I put 3 arrows with only three clicks left of adjustment to put the crossbow shooting at 25 yards dead on target. He is hunting inside the city limits of King but we have a 10 acre area with a three year cutover giving the deer plenty of cover just beside the house he left around 6:30 and I received a call close to 7:30 with him telling me he feels pretty sure he shot a deer. He said the deer came in soon after getting in the ladder stand Jackson said he struggled with the safety but made the click aimed made a near perfect shot at 20 yards the buck went 75 yards to a creek below him and collapsed in the creek .I couldn’t believe that deer was so close to the house a rough score was 130 class 20” spread 9 pointer I wanted to enter his deer because I had won the 2005 November bag-a buck contest with the title being stokes monster 158 B&C. I felt a lot of pride when I won the contest but I can tell you honestly this feels better .thanks just got the mount back just in time for christmas .




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    nice job
    congrats man thts a awesome buk. good to get kids n young. my dad got me started with caryin a bb gun n the woods. good luk the rest of the season
    Congrats Neighboor
    Congrats to Jackson! Something was telling me I should have kept my camera up behind the house!! Awesome deer for his first buck!
    Congratulations on a nice velvet buck buddy. Dad thanks for the story and taking the time with your son.