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  • Rage Chisel Tip bean plow

    Second times a charm....Doe number 3! I sat this bean field the first time a week ago and had a old man on a bicycle ride down the field edge to try to get a closer look at a doe feeding in the beans. He didn't even know I was there, when he stopped 50 feet from me and the doe ran off. I didn't say anything because I know the guy and know he was just trying to enjoy the years he has left. Later a pair of fawns came out as I was getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. I didn't want to turn my Thermacell on and spook them.

    Thursday night I drove passed the field and 5 deer were standing under the tree I sat that first night. The game plan was on. It was a little rainy this Friday afternoon so I knew the old guy (Mr. Tommy) wouldn't be bike riding this evening so I headed to the stand around 4:30 pm. The night before the deer were in the field at 6:50.

    I remembered the mosquito problem from the first sit so this time I was going to get the Thermacell roaring by 6:50.......UGH! I had left it on from the last hunt attached to my climber and all the butane was gone. No deer by 7;15 but the mosquitoes were in rare form. I had to do something or get out of the tree. So I took the pad out of the Thermacell and started lighting my Bic lighter under the pad! This works pretty good if you don't leave the lighter on it too long. If you do it will flame up, my fingers are still burning. Proud of myself, every few seconds I would light the lighter and keep the buggers at bay.
    All of the sudden in the middle of a light.....5 doe walk out in front of me and the lead doe is the old lady boss doe. She was the closest to me at 35 yards. Everyone else is looking out at the road because a dog was barking but not her. She started craning her head while I was thinking don't you dare.....yep...she starts blowing and running down the field. The other doe just stood there. So through the pine branches and 40 yards out, now 7:30pm, I try a shot but it gets deflected. That's when the other big doe walks into the opening now 45 yards out and whack! I drilled her with the second arrow, high on the right side back of the rib-cage and the arrow exits her left front shoulder and sticks in the ground. I sure love these rage with the chisel tip. It cut ribs and the thickest part of the shoulder and still passed through with no blade damage. She did the plow through the beans and made it maybe 30 yards.

    Needless to say Mr. Tommy got to see one up close and personal when I drove by his house.

    Straight arrows everyone and hope you have a good week-end. It's supposed to rain a little and you know how I like to hunt in the rain....or right after it stops!
    Rage Bought Muzzy
    I was told by a salesman at Gander Mountain that Rage got the new chisel tip when they bought out Muzzy. I always liked the bone breaking tip on the muzzy and now on a rage.....deadly combo!
    Number 3
    Cool Deal man, I have seen a lot of Deer but just haven't closed the deal yet. I like to hang my stands in the rain so today I Hung a stand on a oak Flat where I've been wanting to hang 1 for a few years now...The flat is usually tore up with sign when the nuts start dropping...have you seen any dropping yet? Anyway, should be ideal for October...It was a Stand I made that weighs about 40/50 lbs lol so after 5 to 6 trips up and down the tree, I'm gonna feel it tomorrow lol....Congrats again on the meat!!!
    congrats on another meat doe viper,nice shot also.