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  • Ranking weeks in Deer season

    For the last two years, I have only gotten permits for 3 of the 5 public land options I put in for. One of those 3 has fallen late in the season - this year Dec 12-14.

    Is this particularly a bad time to hunt?

    The three 3-day periods I drew for start on:
    17 Oct
    14 Nov
    12 Dec

    I spread out my options to ensure i got a few. Unfortunately, I chose 17 Oct which is the same time as my kids' fall break from school during which we planned to go to the state fair in Raleigh.

    I guess deer get shot all season, but the closer to opening day, and the rut are probably the two most important...
    October 17
    I see by your profile you live near the coast. In my opinion, other than the kids being on break, October 17 is probably the start of the rut in your area and you might have picked the right time to drop a bruiser. I have always seen rut activity near the coast between mid-October and mid-November. Good luck.