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  • Newbie here

    Live in Charlotte. Moved from NY to South Florida now in Charlotte. Love it here and all that this area has to offer. Really believe I was born in the wrong part of the country. Was a recon marine now I teach for the school system.

    Recently started shooting a compound bow. I love it. Shoot in my backyard at targets all day. Getting accurate. Here's my dilemma. I want to try bow hunting. Never been before. Have no clue what it entails, equipment needed other than a weapon or where to go and who to go with. I'm a city boy with a sense of humor. I can handle being hazed harassed laughed at if my questions are stupid or I make a mistake. I am quick learner and I will listen and make adjustments as per needed. I am able bodied person not afraid of work. I need to be taught how to hunt.

    Really would love to hang with someone or a group that could help me along in this process. I know I know nothing.

    I want to hunt deer and eat it. Clean kills. Hope someone can help.

    Thanks for reading this and enjoy the new season.
    Good Luck newbie...You can learn a lot from hanging around forums such as this 1 but the best learning tool is to just get out and explore whatever you can find...Good Luck again
    Intro Bowhuntin
    This is a link to the interactive gamelands map, I use it quite a bit, for good places to scout, saves some leg time, gas money, etc....I would suggest investing in a good climbing tree stand, I have owned some cheapos, would recommend a summit, thermocell is a must in the coastal plain, but you might get away without one where you're at. My best advice to you is to become proficient with your bow and then spend as much time as possible hunting, I found that the more time you spend in the woods the better off you'll be...I've learned through trial and error, mostly error - that's just the nature of the beast
    Welcome Newbie joe.
    Joe, Im just getting back into it myself after a few years of down time. Hunting public land this season and getting stoked for some cooler weather. I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have. Are you planning on hunting public game lands as well? Here's a couple of things that have helped me when starting out. hope this helps.

    Definitely practice. Archery is every bit rewarding as it is a commitment and a challenge. I spent literally a year and a half shooting my matthews FX until I felt comfortable going out and actually hunting with it. Im comfortable out to 40 yards. But honestly I have never never had to make a shot over 20-25 yards since I started bowhunting 10 years ago.

    You want to invest in a good release, sounds silly but it's important. Scott archery makes some nice (caliper style) ones.

    Shoot from elevated platform like a tree stand in your back yard. or even your roof for that matter, I've done both. (not sure if you have the set up) this will help with saving arrows. If you miss, your arrows will likely be stuck in the ground instead of buried in the woods where you will never find them. Stagger your targets too, shoot from 8-20 yards and move out from there once you are comfortable. Most compound bows these days should shoot flat from 0-20 yards without any compensation.

    *Purchase a laser rangefinder, this will help you master judging distances. It also helps if the rangefinder has an angle range compensation feature. A deer sitting at the bottom of a hill at 44 degree angle is 32 yards line of sight. The physical true distance is actually 23 yards from the base of your tree. You would have shot right over its back. They are worth their weight in gold because they do the calculation for you.

    * Practice shooting kneeling, standing, sitting etc. This will help you in the long run too.

    *Keep a grunt call within arms reach

    * Of course, hunt with the wind to your face and try to control your scent as much as possible.

    I live just north of Charlotte and Alcoa game land is about an hour drive from me. Not sure what land you plan on hunting but if and when I get into a rhythm, we could go check out some of these spots. Good luck!