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  • Cinderella Opener

    I call this hunt the Cinderella Opener. In the past nine years I have found myself on the side of a tree watching the sunrise on opening bow day but, not this year. This year I had to finish up some work and return rental equipment. I knew the major move time was to be between 1:30pm and 3:30pm so I didn't get too bummed out.

    My buddy had a ladder stand on a feeder that I was to hunt and everyday for last few weeks the deer were at this feeder at 3:30pm when the timer was set to go off. Thus 'Cinderella Opener'. Move time or not the deer would be there.

    I got on stand about 1:30, set up my camera tree arm, bow hook and settled in. It wasn't 20 minutes when directly across from me I see 2 doe come out of the woods and walk down the tree line 60 yards away. They crossed a big 10 foot wide ditch with 30 yards of bush-hogged field on each side of the ditch coming straight to me where they joined up with a spike and another doe. Now just 15 yards away under the tree I was sitting 10 yards into the treeline I just watched and videoed them.

    I knew that the feeder just 30 yards away to my right, was set to go off at 3:30pm and I think they all knew it too. They eventually walked off to the left realizing they were early. I was videoing all this action and actually saw 10 deer cross my path and do the same thing, they just wouldn't close the gap. I guess they were affraid of getting 'corn-eye' when the feeder went!

    Straight up at 3:30 with no deer in site I turned the video camera on. At 3:31 the feeder went off and I bet I had 10 deer from the left and 10 deer from the right coming in within 2 minutes of the feeder going off. I couldn't stand up for all the eyes watching so I swiveled my seat and tried something I never do......shoot sitting down. It didn't work out. Sitting down you can change your anchor point by just a 1/4 inch and your shot will be off.....and it was. I was shooting at a doe on the far side of another doe and shot 2 inches over her back. All the deer ran off. Get this they ran 20 yards, stopped, looked and came right back. This time no shooting over backs. I set my sight on a fat doe and thwack....yep shot over her back. At this point I thinking what the heck is going on. It gets better....I did this a third time and the deer kept coming back. By this time I figured if I keep shooting and they keep coming back then my bow is pretty quiet and they don't know I'm here so I'm standing up!!!!

    They came back again but, this time they were on guard and a little slower coming in. Off camera I see the big doe I was after so I stood up, clipped on and as soon as she got in the first window I drilled her. The arrow went through her and stuck in the ditch bank on the other side. She made a huge circle towards the feeder and then turned right to the tree I was on and brushed the ladder stand as she passed under. In the video you can hear it but can't see it. I heard her crash about 30 yards away, so I knew where she was. I was sitting waiting to give her the 20 or 30 minute wait and 5 minutes later I see a spike, yearling and a very wise doe coming down the tree-line to my left. Thank God I had a 6 arrow quiver! I switched the camera view, turned on the video and stood up, clipped on and waiting.
    The spike came through with the yearling in tow but, the old doe was taking her time. As soon as the first two past by me with a big oak blocking their view I drew back as the old doe was entering the window.....thwack! Perfect shot and I watched her run down the mowed field for about 30 yards, jump the ditch with a crash, roll across the dirt road then get up only to make it 4 more steps and pile up.

    So what started out as a non-normal bow season actually ended up as a 'Cinderella Opener'!

    I hope everyone enjoyed the day......harvest or no's on!
    Congrats on the meat viper,i was gonna shoot a doe but there were 3 does and alittle one and i couldnt tell which one was the moma so i didnt shoot.
    Congrats on the Doe kills and nice shooting. I haven't noticed a different in standing, sitting, or kneeling while shooting my bow. Any bucks on cam coming to your feeder ?
    There are many feeders on this property with bucks hanging out at one a mile from where I was. My buddy will take care of the bucks. As always I'm strictly a meat hunter and helping this farm get does under control and thankful for the opportunity. My shooting better would! 'GT' on this site asked do I post even the bad shots so I guess I should upload the video but, at least I told the story. Don't get me wrong.....if a Bruiser came by I would dump the string on him!
    Meat Seeker
    Clap......Clap.......Clap....Sigh!!!!! I've gotten several texts asking why I hadn't commented on your post that you seen 20 deer and got 2.!!! And I said...Well Hell!! I'll just wait to Comment on number 19&20 and do it all at once LOL!!!!I'm just kidding lol and like Tony I see no difference in shooting sitting down as I do 90% of the time but anyway, I hunted with Don in Rockingham but not at the dinner table...We were hunting stands based on trail camera pics and I seen Deer at each stand I hunted...A decent small Buck and Doe yesterday and several Does and Fawns today but never took bow off hanger...Just enjoyed the show...Suppose to cool off next week and I might stab 1 then but we will see...Congrats on the meat!!!!! And like I've said before...If you Bow-hunt much at all...Your going to miss a few lol
    congrats on the meat. not so much on your decision to take this picture shirtless.
    Filling Tags
    Sounds like an eventful day on the stand Viper!! No matter the start you finished strong and brought home the venison....Mission Accomplished!!
    Miss a Few
    LOL myself. Miss a few? I sure got my misses in all in one day. As far as 20 deer passing by I didn\'t want to shoot them all, only the bigger does and all the bucks got the pass. I guess I need to practice that sitting and shooting downward. In a blind shooting straight up no problem. As far as the shirtless picture goes I wasn\\\'t going to get a picture but my buddy\\\'s girlfriend and their 3 kids wanted a picture. Heck it was 89 degrees and I was burning up after dragging them out myself at age 52.
    Congrats on the meat. Looks like your off to a great start.