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  • Lopsided

    Just a lopsided goofy lookin' buck. It's a shame too - looks decent on one side and has a corkscrew on the other.
    That's to bad. In another yr he would be nice. I can say one thing. We have had a deer now on the farm for 6 yrs and when he was 2 he had only 4 pts. At 3 he grew to a 6 with no brow tines. At 4 he grew one little bump on the right for a brow tine. At 5 he had a 3' on the right and bump on left. And now he's a beautiful 8. I would love to see what this deer does next yr but good luck if u put him on ur hit list. He's still very cool looking.
    it's not always about the rack... D@$&n tv shows got us thinkn about the rack. It's not about 'the rack'. it's about your journey and the deer's story, his character, his age, how many hunter's he has fooled to get where he is.........and how you figured it out and are in the right place at the right time.........whatever his rack is, it's your trophy...
    Last year's talk was scent control, this year it looks as if the 'fn' camera is the deal.....
    Here we go again getting caught up with Lee & Tiffany.......Whatever!
    @ 1HUNTERNNC .... LMBO.... Good luck to u this season!!