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  • Corn Prices

    Here are the current prices for corn from the North Carolina AG Dept. Looks like corn will be affordable this year!

    Raleigh, NC Friday, Aug 16 2013 NC Dept of Ag Market News

    North Carolina grain prices paid to producers by location,
    delivered in bulk, as of 4:00 pm. In dollars per bushel.

    US 2 Yellow Corn: was 8 to 11 cent lower. Prices were 4.63-6.33, mostly 5.29 at the
    feed mills, and 4.54-5.13, mostly 4.99 at the elevators. New Crop: 4.48-5.18.

    US 1 Yellow Soybeans: were 6 cents lower. Prices were 12.99 at the processors, 14.34 at
    the feed mills, and 12.59-14.09, mostly 13.37 at the elevators. New Crop: 11.84-12.44.

    US 2 Soft Red Winter Wheat: was 8 cents lower. Prices were 4.54-5.41, mostly 4.54 at
    the elevators. New Crop: 5.56.

    Feed Mills US 2 Yellow US 1 Yellow US 2 Soft Red
    Corn Soybeans Wheat
    Cash New Cash New Cash New
    Bladenboro 5.29
    Candor 5.19 4.99 4.74
    Cofield 4.89 4.64 14.34 12.44
    Laurinburg 5.29
    Monroe 6.03
    Nashville 5.04
    Roaring River 6.33
    Rose Hill 5.29
    Statesville 5.23
    Warsaw 5.29
    Pantego #2 4.63


    Clement 5.18 12.19 4.56
    Creswell 4.48 12.14 5.56
    Elizabeth City 4.54 4.54 14.09 12.29 5.41
    Monroe 13.37 12.32 4.89
    Norwood 4.99 4.79 12.59 11.84 4.54
    Register 5.13
    Warsaw #2 5.03 5.03

    Soybean Processors Soybeans Meal(48 pct protein)
    Cash New Dollars per ton
    Fayetteville 12.99 488.80
    Raleigh 12.99 488.80

    Source: North Carolina of Ag-USDA Market News, Raleigh, NC
    Sherry Barefoot Market Reporter 919-707-3154
    I saw a listing claiming this a few days ago but evidently it has not caught on with the folks that are selling it around me yet. lol They are still selling for $10 or $11 per 50lb bag.
    I doubt that it will get lower than what I paid which was $6.50 because the Guy I deal with is only making a little if any off his...I mean the farmers have already spent the Money when corn was crazy priced and have their time in it also so they would be going backwards to sell what they paid top dollar for for what this years market price is but I guess anything is possible but I doubt we will ever see the $8 a Hundred price again because like Gas prices...Once the people find a way to stick ya...They continue to do so, it's just deeper some days than others.