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  • Scouting Gameland

    Finally talked Gobblintom into coming up to my stomping grounds and walking the gameland where I hunt,hoping he could give me some insight on what I may be doing wrong or right. As we all know ,gameland is challenging to hunt. It is sort of like being in a hunting club,except you don't know the other hunters in most cases and their not your good'ole buddies who are pulling for you.Most cases you are trying to not only outsmart the turkey and deer, but also the other hunters.
    It rained all day on us and the grass was at least waist high,but he hung in there and eagerly went anywhere I suggested walking and giving me his input,which was greatly appreciated. We scouted around til almost dark then headed back. I don't have any hunting buddies around my area and have been learning all this by trial and error. I have had some success on my own,but sometimes its nice to have someone who's been hunting a while to reassure you that your not doing it all wrong. Thanks GT for taking the time to spend the day with me. I had a great time.
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    Great time
    Your Welcome D and I had a great time also...I love getting out like that and exploring the unknown. I've always been a believer that if you put the effort in then the effort will pay off and I'll say that you have definitely put some effort into those mountains lol...I know it gets you down when you feel like your doing all you can but still no results but just hang it there...It will happen. When I used to hunt Public land I found I was more successful when I just enjoyed the Hunt and let the other hunters work to my advantage during Deer season and during turkey season...I found that less calling on public pressured Birds was far more effective than the normal running and Gunning....Anyway..I did have fun and needed the exercise lol...Some pretty scenery up that way.
    Glad you had a good time. The scenery at the top of the mountain is even more beautiful ,and on the lake. You can see a better view of the mountains.
    Did you look into the deal about the signs that we were talking about? Just wondering.
    Not yet but I will...I know a warden and I'll ask him