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  • GAMO

    Huntman and I have been talkin' about gettin' a nice pellet rifle and recently bought a Gamo Bull Whisper (Bone Collector). It was $200 bucks and came with a scope (it does not have iron sights). Got it all set up and started trying to get the scope (Gamo 4x32) sighted in. I ended up having to get about 20ft from the target to start seeing where the pellet was even hitting. It was about 5 inches to the right and no matter how many times I turned the left/right dial adjustment it never changed. I figured something is wrong with the scope and call Gamo's customer service. I had the pleasure (not) of talking to a complete idiot who has obviously never sighted in a scope as he kept telling me that I needed to back off to 25yds in order for the adjustment on the scope to work properly. (what?)
    He did in the end tell me that I could ship the rifle and scope to them (at my expense) and they would take a look at it. I told him that I would just take it back to the store where I got it before I did all that.
    We ended up finding a cheap Bushnell 4x32, got it sighted and now we're hitting a water bottle at about 35yds.
    I just wasn't impressed w/ the crappy scope the include in the 'package' and even less impressed with their 'customer service' (or lack there of).
    I wished I would have had the $$$ for one of the compressed air Benjamin Air Rifles but some of them are a bit pricy.