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  • Summit 180

    Just a heads up - these stands are currently on ebay for $175 w/ free shipping.
    That's Not bad but I would spend a few Extra Bucks and get the 180 Max SS like I have...They have the same 6 Channel Platform that the Titan uses instead of 5 and also come with the Surround Seat...I've had a few of the normal 5 channel Summit Platforms and the extra length is worth it's weight in Gold in my opinion...I also added a Footrest to mine and it truly is the Best of the Best in my opinion however, If you didn't ever face the Tree, I would go with a Titan because the Oval front Bar on a 180 can get tricky.
    I put a surround seat on one of my Vipers but didn't care for it so I took it off - may just be less space in the Viper.
    I'm 100% with ya on the footrest - I have put them on all 3 of my Vipers.
    The Titan is the stand I want next but I don't think you can face the tree in it.
    Thought this 180 was a good price for someone that didn't have a lot to put into a stand or getting started - I'm thinking seriously about getting Huntman one (unless I get a Titan first). A seller on ebay had the Titan for $225 but when I got my mess straightened out and had the money (about a week later) he had changed them to $340. So I keep watching to see if any get listed for that again - should've charged it when I saw it the 1st time. Darn it.