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  • Huntman's 1st Robinhood

    When I got home from work 2day Huntman asked if we could shoot the bows and I told him sure. We'd been shootin' for about 30 minutes when huntman got his first ever 'Robinhood'. He has a youth Hoyt Banshee and was shootin' from 25yds. I thought it was pretty cool and pretty good for a youngster. Now we've gotta get him a few more arrows cuz he has hung these in his room. lol
    Robin Hood
    Way to go Huntman!! That's a good shot. I been bow hunting for 16 years and never done that. But that aint saying much LOL. Good luck this season!!
    Congrats Buddy!!! That's AWESOME!!! I have 3 that are Aluminum but only 1 carbon...Diane got her 4th or 5th a few weeks ago but she didn't think it was a big deal???? Congrats again and every time you look up at that Trophy Shot, you will hear that sound it least that's what I hear lol
    Way to go.Thats a shot to be proud of. You are doing a great job teaching your son some useful skills.From speaking with him when I met you guys last year,I can tell he will always have that passion for hunting and fishing.Gracie and my daughter moved to Raliegh,so I'm on my own this season.I'm just hoping she won't forget what I've taught her so far.
    Good luck to you and your son this season.
    I appreciate the kind words and I shared your comments w/ Huntman. He's still grinnin' ear to ear and has shown it to several people.
    It was a carbon arrow and if you look closely on the ground you can see the yellow nock that split in two.
    Gonna go tomorrow and get him some more arrows. lol
    Way to Go Huntman
    Way to go buddy. I am super impressed with the robin-hood, but even more impressed that the first arrow is in the bulls-eye and the second one followed. I have 3 robin-hooded arrow sets on my wall but I honestly can't say they were in the bulls-eye when they happened. Keep shootin >>>--->
    Hey Justin, I just picked up that same target a few minutes ago...What's your opinion of it? Actually it's my second time because the First time I tried this Target it was with a Crossbow and the First shot zipped right through and hit the Garage so I returned it...Another Guy in Walmart said he has had his for 3 years and it's a great target and he shots a 43lb Bowtech Admiral with no issues...Said just be sure you keep it out of the weather when not in use.
    Nice Shot
    Very nice shot! I have yet to pull it off myself.

    Gobblintom, I have the same target. For the smaller bows it is great. My kids shoot on it all the time. For the larger bows (I have an old PSE Thunder Flite with a 70 lbs draw) it is alright. It leaves about 6 inches of the arrow to grip for pull out which can be a pain when it sticks. I have not tried the broad head side of the block.
    bullseye & target
    Viper - thanx he's pretty 'dead on' 25 and less yds - still practicing on longer shots and there was probably a pinch of luck in this robinhood. But sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. lol
    lwlegrande - thanx for the comment. Just picked up another half dozen and he's hoping to do it again. lol
    GT - I bought a hurricane bag target from Mace and I did not like it - you had to fight w/ the darn thing to get you arrow out. So we got this one a few weeks ago and I thought the price was pretty good compared to others I have seen. It has done well for us so far and I shoot my 60lb Charger at it without any problems on the field tip sides. I took a couple shot on the broad head side and struggled a bit more to pull the arrows out (maybe that's normal?). We keep it in my shop when not in use and I def wouldn't advise leaving it out. Let me know what you think about it but the price was the driving factor in my decision to get it.
    I want to get another 3d target cuz my old one is falling apart - the pic is the one I'm thinking about getting.
    Plain Brown
    I have an old 3-D target that's all brown. When I worn it out I started using it as a decoy. No real success with it but the deer sure check it out from 50 yards away! LOL!