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  • Deer Corn

    Someone posted this on CL -
    'Be careful buying deer corn this year for $10.00-$12.00 a bushel or bag, Corn this year is expected to be around $5.00 a bushel. Remember a bushel of shelled corn weighs 56lb and bushel of cob corn weighs 72lb. Good Hunting'

    Has anyone else heard that a bushel is projected to be $5 a bushel? Just seems to good to be true but I wish this was accurate cuz we didn't buy much last year at 12 or 13 a bag.
    Deer Corn
    I live in a small Ag community south of elizabeth city and have heard the same thing, corn this year is gonna be about $8-9 per 100lbs (shelled)from the farmer, i'm sure you'll pay a little more from a grainery. The mid western drought is what drove up the prices the last few years, I was paying $8/100lbs in 09/10. glad to see the prices drop
    $6.50 a Bag is what I paid yesterday...I bought 22 Bags because that\'s what Cash I had on me...I had to bag it myself with my own bags but I enjoyed it. The Farmer wasn\'t home so I put the money where I always do when he\'s not there so I didn\'t get a chance to ask what the future price looked like but I don\'t mind Helping farmers out...They are just trying to make a living like everyone else. I did have a Guy at work tell me that it was going to be around $5.50 or $6 he heard so I dunno...With all the Rain, I\'m thinking the deer will not eat much because they should have plenty to eat. I\'m not a Big fan of hunting right over the Corn but when you deal with Line Huggers who have 100 pounds out a week...I figured I would at least try and keep them comfortable around my stands as well.

    BTW, I stopped to get me a Drink on my way up the road and the store I stopped at was getting $9.50......But NOT from me lol