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  • The $50, 30 gallon feeder


    This is what happens when I have time off from work.......

    If anyone is interested it is made out of a Moultrie All-In-One motor, a 30 gallon galvanized steel trashcan (I spray painted it) and a 2 1/4 drill saw bit that I needed to get through the metal = $52 total. Beats paying double or more for a store bought one. Just posted it to give you guys an idea, and to save yall some money.
    good job
    Hey if it works and don't cost alot I'm all for it.
    Are you gonna hang it from the handles? Not sure if they'll hold up to the weight over time. Looks good though and the deer don't give a darn what the feeder looks like or what it's made of. Some of mine are just white PVC pipe (didn't bother painting them) - the deer just want the corn. lol
    Good Luck!
    I plan on running a heavy duty rope between two trees and tying a large clove hitch around the can under the handles, hopefully it works out like I think it will.

    You are very right, the deer don't care what it looks like in the end.
    Thanks for posting.I'm all for saving money and DIY projects. Deer hunting cost enough without spending more than's needed on feeders.