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  • Big 6

    We've been keeping our pics and videos from past years to compare and we have pics of this 6 pointer from last year. I almost got Huntman on this buck with the crossbow last year but he didn't come quite close enough.
    This 6pt looks pretty big and he's gonna be on the hit list cuz he ain't doing nothin' but getting wider. I consider him a cull buck @ this point.
    Keep hoping to see something that makes my jaw drop but nothin' amazing so far. Not too worried though cuz 2 of the bucks Huntman and I got last year we had never seen before.
    Big 6
    I tell you man thats a great big ol 6 pt right there. He would def get an arrow slung his way if he came by me!! lol
    Yeah I knowwhat you mean man. If he ain't got nothin' else going for him he is wide.