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  • Gun suppressors legal in NC

    the NC legislature passed a bill that allows gun suppressors(silencers) legal for hunting. Will you use one?
    Not Me
    The 'BOOM' is part of the fun for me! And it lets all near enough to hear know that I got another one.
    I would definitly use one IF I had one. I'm thinking that the sound would confuse deer like a muzzle loader does. A couple of rifle cracks around our place and they get educated real quick but seems like the ML just doesn't have the same effect. Another reason I would use one is because we are surrounded by small tracts and I like the idea of all the other knuckleheads not knowing exactly where I'm hunting.
    Why I won't be using one = I heard there is gonna be a $250 permit/license fee (or something like that). Also, have you looked at the prices on suppressors? I can buy a darn nice top of the line rifle for what some of them are selling for.
    I guess if you have the knowledge and tools and you can make your own that might be easier on the wallet.
    I ain't against them but the cost will keep me out of using one.
    I would definitely use one on my 270 WSM. When I pull the trigger on that thing, the whole county knows a took a shot, not to mention it tends to clear the woods.

    The downside is the 250.00 tax/permit just to own one and that they do reduce your effective range.