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  • 100 yard broadhead challenge

    The Great Bow Hunter Randy Ulmer won the 2013 100 yard broad head contest in Arizona. His comment on Hoyt's Facebook pages was, 'why shoot at 100 yards with broadheads you might ask? Maybe because you can, and it makes that 40-yard shot of a lifetime feel like a chip-shot' Check out his photos.
    cool pics Viper. Was wondering what happened to you. You'll always be a hoyt fan,huh,lol
    Randy Ulmer
    Cool Post Viper!! Randy is one of the greats for sure...Awesome bowhunter....I always enjoy his teaching and tech articles...
    Randy does know his Archery stuff!!!!
    Still Alive
    I'm still alive. I've had a lot on my plate this year and have been very busy. Wife is on her last year of school and I can't wait until graduation in May. It will have been 6 years running on one income. Quite a challenge.

    Bought a new video cam JVC full HD. Stay tuned to some video this year. Season is just around the corner and my shoulder is 95% back in business.

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    good luck
    Good luck to you this season Viper.hope you get some great videos. I'm in the market for a new camera with good video capabilities myself.Guess I've done wore my old one out.I've been having to use the camera on m
    y phone,lol.