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  • Grandmas Rocking Chair

    My Aunt was cleaning out the attic and gave me an old rocker that was my great Grandmothers and said she saw a pic in a magazine of one that was used as a planter and thought I might use it.I'm sure she never thought I'd make a back for it with a hand painted turkey scene. I was looking at it today and thought what would my Great Grandmother think of me being a turkey hunter or of how I turned her old rocking chair into a planter. I can just imagine all the time she spent in this rocker rocking grandbabies. If it had been in restorable shape I probably would have restored it,but still has good memories as a planter.
    That's awesome!!! Man, I bet that chair could tell some stories!!!! I love stuff like that and you did a great job as always!!!! You should try and post the saw blade you did..This site wouldn't let me...The site has been acting weird!!
    thanks GT
    Thanks for commenting.The site has been weird the past week. I don't think I have the patience to post the saw blade pic,lol. It takes forever to post a video.At least it does for me.

    I saw a couple big Jakes this morning,but didn't get a pic. And no they weren't my pet ones,lol
    Your Welcome
    Your Welcome and yeah, The site has been acting weird!!!

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