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  • Cool New Product

    Are you tired of spilling drinks in your boat or leaving it lying around to get hot while you fish?
    Go check out the solution to those and other drink problems some local Louisiana boys have come up with
    Hip Huggy
    What is Hip Huggy you ask?
    It is an innovated new product that is a true “Hands Free Drink Carrier That Attaches to a Person’s Clothing or An Accessory”. The huggy will keep your drink cold and at hands reach in a locked position. When you need hydrating the huggy easily disconnects from the receiver with one hand leaving the other had free for active use. After you hydrate, the huggy easily glides back into the receiver. This product is not a gimmick. It is a quality piece of equipment that will make any activity more enjoyable. The receiver is constructed of a durable injection molded plastic, manufactured and packaged right here in Louisiana USA. The insulated huggys are made from quality thick 3 and 5 mm neoprene stretchy stitched fabric. It was created by Captain Victor Bergeron and Captain Creighton Ward. We are extremely proud of Hip Huggy® and use it on a daily basis, we think you will too. So whether you are exercising, working in the yard, enjoying an outdoor activity or relaxing at a BBQ or festival, we think you will love your new Hip Huggy® TOO!
    nice product