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  • Last Saturdays trip

    I was out last Saturday and got 16 bass at my local lake. 7 bass was on the new floating craw beaver bait I got at itís like a flipping bait and a jig at the same time. You can use it anyway. I was using it as a TX rig without pegging the weight so the craw can float up in an standup mode when it comes to rest on the bottom after hopping it. I also got couple bass on a strike king KVD jerk bait and a swim jig. Water was a little stained. That beaver bait had some nice kicking tails to push water so it helps the bass find the bait. I will try to attach a photo of 1 of my bass. Or you can click on my photo link from SkyDrive photos
    Iím not a sponsor of any of these lures just wanted to let everyone know what I got them on. I like to share information. My friends say I tell too much..LOL
    I got a local night bass open. Will think the swim jig and buzz bait should work this Sat. night.
    Thanks for the info.Sounds like you found the secret to catching a bunch.Thats a nice one in the pic. Thanks for sharing.
    Thanks Diana
    What fishing do you do ?

    In that night bass open me and my buddy came out 1 first with 5 bass for 14.00 something. I got 2 keepers on my floating craw beaver bait then into dark it was all topwater after that.
    I like fishing for crappie,all kinds of bass and trout. I usually use live bait and use jigs sometimes for crappie. I have used a violet colored worm that moves thru the water almost like a lizard and smells like grape for bass and had a lot of luck. I love fishing for just about anything that bites.
    Last Saturdays trip
    Violet color ? I am thinking Junbug color right ?
    Crappie are good eating when you get the bigger ones. Do you go for black or white crappie ? I get white crappie here now and then on my bass lures.
    I usually catch some of both.They are both good eating, and fun to catch.