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  • pretty pink bobbers

    My Grandaughter Gracie's favorite song is 'Fish'. She has to hear it everytime she gets in my car. She said I sure would like some of those pink fishing bobbers.So,being the accommodating Nana that I am ,I finally found her some at Dicks sporting goods.
    She was thrilled and wanted to try them out in the pond at her house yesterday evening. Well, all I can say is they must work because she had a blast reeling them in. I had a great time myself getting outfished by a 6 year old,lol. We always have the best time together,no matter what we do.
    Dianne, Those Pics Are Too Cute!! She Is Super Happy With The Fish!! Very Nice!!
    Thanks Chad B
    Thanks. I wish everyone could have a little fishing buddy like Gracie.She makes it so much fun and such great memories.She may forget when she gets older,but I know I never will.
    lol NICE!!!
    I got excited when you said Dick's had those 'Pretty Pink Bobbers' I should check them out lol ...That's Great!!! Glad ya'll got out again...It's a Great Medicine for sure.

    BTW I had read somewhere about the song not being played anymore on the Radio because of the True message behind the song but they can play songs about.

    Smoke blowin out the window and ice Cold Beer in the console (Drinking and Driving)

    Roll a Big Fat one

    Get my Pissed off on

    Smoke this and smoke that and drink this and drink that

    There's Some Crap on the radio/TV that I wish my Daughter wouldn't even here or see
    Congrats on the fish and the great memories,i cant wait till my daughter is old enough to go with me.
    thanks guys. She had a blast and so did I. I burst with pride when I go to visit and ask her what she wants to do and she says, I was hoping we could fish. I'm always HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY when I am with her.
    She's lucky to have a Nana that will spend time with her in the outdoors fishing and hunting !
    way to go Gracie! glad you caught some fish an had a good time with grandma! im takin Easton fishin tuesday evenin for his 1st birthday an whatever we catch first in goin to the taxidermist.
    Hope your son has a great birthday and you two catch a bunch. I will be looking for the pics ;). I am gonna email you in a few days.Is your email the same?
    yes ma'am its the same.
    cool so cute and thanks for comment
    ing :|