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    My wife and I have been fishing for a few months now, and we aren't having much luck. So far were only 4 or 5 fish deep after 12 trips to the local access fishing spots. We typically fish Lyman Lake, Lake Cunningham, Paris Mountain Lake, and Lake Robinson. Most of which aren't 24 hour access since they are owned by the state, or CPW.

    Does anyone know of any good spots that are public access within a 15mile radius of Greer? If not does anyone know any killer bass fishing spots within an hour drive of Greer / Greenville? I did find a small pond across from the Greer County Country Club, however I do not know if it is private or not. I definitely don't want to get any more fishing violations this year. My wife already got dinged for an expired license last week... :(

    I am currently working on purchasing a Jon Boat, but I am not having much luck finding a good deal within our budget.