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  • Sad day for GT...2013 Turkey Season is over!!!

    Well...after this evening hunt with my Girlfriends nephew...It will be over once again and man did it Fly by!!! Had a Great Season!!! Helped several friends and family members get Gobblers and even 1 Guy I meet on Public land that I knew all of 45 minutes lol. So many memories in only a short few weeks...My Daughters First long-Beard she got on Opening of youth week. Calling the Great Double Bearded Gobbler of a Life-time to Diane's Gun...My First of the year alongside my Pal Don after several close calls and even hunted with my brother several times and Helped him Tag out...Great Times, Great friends, Great Turkeys that fell in love with my calling...All adds up to my best Season ever!!! Have to Thank my Girlfriend for putting up with my Turkey hunting madness as she has done for years lol (She is always excited on the last day? lol) Anyway... Congratulations to everyone that got out there weather it successful or Not!! Again...Turkey Hunting isn't for everyone but It sure is for me!!!! Can't wait till 2014!!! LETS GO FISHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW Here's a few Pictures of My second tag Bird from 2013

    1 1/8 Spurs
    11 3/4 Rope of a Beard!!!!
    GOD is Good!!!!!!!!!!
    sweet kill
    Nice one GT that's a good looking bird man. and one heck of a beard. ill have to agree and say this year was my best year too. Last night I took my buddy out and we sat up on 2 toms we had been hunting all year and he finally got a shot and knocked one down at 745 in the evening. So he tagged out too. It was a great hunt and last one of the year. Hate to see another season gone but glad everyone stayed safe and we will be back at em' next spring lord willing. im with ya now its time to catch some fish.
    Thanks Buddy
    Thanks Mac..Believe it or not but this is my First 30 inch Fan lol and Yes it feels great to think that I can't recall hearing of any Turkey Hunters getting Killed this season in NC...I could be wrong but I hope not...Congrats on your season as well...I know it's been a blast having little man with ya...My daughter still replays her hunt in Walmart or whereever...Makes me Smile every time!!!!
    Great Year
    Congrats GT on your best season man! Mine was short lived by tagging out the first 2 days but that was awesome! Also helped my brother n law get a great gobbler and my nephew kill his first one ever. I got both of my turkey tails put up on the wall today and I've been making wing bones. Its been a short season but Im ready to catch some catfish now!!

    Glad it was another safe season and a very blessed one at that!! Later.

    GT. that bird is a stud !!
    good job
    Glad you had a good season.Sounds like your seasons ending with a lot of good memories.Really nice bird.
    Thanks Tony and Diane!!! Gonna feel GREAT to finally sleep in in the morning lol
    That's a heck of a nice bird there. Congrats!
    thats a hoss rite there man congrats!!!!!! and congrats on ur big season 2!!!!!
    Thanks Guys..I mentioned I was gonna sleep in but at 4:30 the Hoot Owl Followed by the hen Cutting then the Gobbler Gobbling of my Fancy little alarm clock woke me up LOL I forgot to turn it off but that's OK I hit the snooze button and got to hear that shotgun Blast 1 more time this week lol...Hope all of us Guys can stay in touch on the forums here...Bout time to hang cameras lol
    im ready
    i found this buk last deer bow season idk if that diesease gotem or what but he still had most his velvet on...and in the same area i found rubs the size of my calf
    Heart-breaker right there man, Dang!!! Mother nature can be Cruel!!!
    That is a heck of a buck man. Hate to see em wasted but at least you recovered him and know he's no longer in the woods.