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  • Can't believe this..

    Huntman & I have been huntin' all day on saturdays and haven't seen any action. This past Saturday Huntman decides to sleep in and I end up shootin' my 1st turkey. I pulled the card from one of my cams this evening and check out the date. I don't recall exactly what time I shot cuz I was so pumped but I'm thinkin' right at or shortly after 7am. This spot isn't 75yds from where I was sitting and shot my bird. These birds are headed in the opposite direction than my bird. I just can't hardly believe this because we had not been seeing turkeys and then on the same day I shot my tom and these are around 75yds from where I was less than 30 minutes after I shot. The first 2 birds are definitely toms and I can't tell about the 3rd - jake?
    Just thought this was crazy and that I'd share but that's hunting for ya.
    Makes me wonder how many times we've been close and never knew it.
    I bet this woke Huntman up,huh,lol. Nices ones still walking around wondering what happened to their buddy you shot.Hope he can get him one.
    That is how it goes sometimes man.... Same way with the deer.....You just never know...Good luck the rest of the season what is left lol....
    For the birds
    Trust me Justin...You have been close alot more than you think!!! People want a easy hunt but it don't always work out that way and they give up? You mentioned your bird came in 'Without a peep' and at this stage of the season, That's the norm...People think Turkeys are stupid but they are actually smarter than most hunters that hunt them...some days it's easy...for example...I knew where 3 Gobblers were before the season so I take my daughter and she kills 1...2 days later I take my Buddy and his son and the other 2 come in and he kills 1...2 days later I take my girlfriends nephew to the exact spot and the 3rd 1 Dies!!! Good Calling helps BUT putting a decent effort in and having patience will fill tags!!! Those are Nice Gobblers BTW!!!!

    BTW I got your email about the spurs..I'll get with ya just keep them froze or in the Fridge..Thanks
    Yeah D he's a revitalized now and wishing he'd went. lol Hope you're feelin' better.
    GT that makes sense to me - probably have been close several times cuz I know we had/have birds around that we have seen during deer season. 10-4 on the spurs.
    Gonna see if we can find one for Huntman tomorrow and connect. Fingers crossed. lol
    good luck
    Good Luck Huntman!!!