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  • Dad's 6-bearded gobbler!

    My dad started turkey hunting just last year and fell head over heels in love with it! This year he spent lots of time in a blind working on his calling and trying out decoys. The season has been tough, but he stuck it out and it paid off. Early afternoon one day he had taken his attention off of the decoy spread and when he looked back up there were 3 nice gobblers huddled around his foam jake decoy. They were staring down at it as if they wanted it to make the 1st move. In order to keep from killing more than 1 bird, he waited until they separated, while deciding which had the most 'chest hair'. He raised the gun and dropped one of them at 29.5 yards. The old warrior had 6 beards and 1 spur over 1.25' and the other broken off was less than 1.5'. He will look good mounted on the limb in a gobbling position. Way to go, Dad! Congrats!
    WOW what a Gobbler with a capital G. That is one to certainly be proud of. I bet he will talk about turkey hunting 24/7 all year long til next season rolls around, I was blessed with a double bearded Gobbler and I will never forget the day I took him.Congrats on a great bird.

    Hope you will post a pic of the mount when he gets it back.
    I know Diane, I saw that! You guys had a great hunt and that is some bird! Beautiful fan, too!I took my 1st double beard last year about 20 yards from where dad took his 6 bearder. Yeah, he took his 1st gobbler last year and was excited all year up to this season. It was the hunt of a lifetime. Turkey came 300 yards gobbling and strutting all the way. Weighed 23.5 lbs. He is on fire for turkeys now! Way to go on your bird! You have sure been blessed!
    Tht's AWESOME!!! arevels!!! That's a great Bird and I know he's hooked!!! This story is kinda funny for me because I have only killed 1 Double Bearded Gobbler and It was the last week of the Season a few years ago and I had called and then decided to take a nap and when the rain picked up and woke me up, He was standing strutting like a stone at my decoys and I was able to get in position and take a shot lol....Gotta love the Hunts that jump to your mind at the first talk of Turkey lol My regret was I could see 300 yards around me and while snoozing, I missed the whole show of his approach but Glad I got him...Tell him GT said congrats and Thanks for sharing.

    BTW...Half Strut Gobbling on a limb is by far my FAVORITE mount!!!!
    Too funny!
    GT, that is what makes turkey hunting the best. You never know what may happen. Lol. Yep, that's exactly the pose I suggested and when he visited the taxidermist, he chose it after seeing an example. It's gonna look great. Funny thing, My dad was one of the most passionate deer hunters ever and I killed a buck this past season bigger than he had ever seen. Then this turkey season, his 2nd year, he killed a gobbler I can only dream of seeing on a farm I have hunted the last 5 years and I've been turkey hunting hard the last 8 years. I'm glad to have been around to see the results. Man, what a turkey!
    Congrats, That is a mammoth of a thunder chicken !! Yall got me envious with all these non-typical birds..What were the beard lengths ?
    I know that the main beard was right at 11' and he also had a 7' and 6'. 2 were smaller, I think 2'-3'. The 6th beard was not even 1'
    I talked dad into mounting him gobbling out of a half strut on the roost so it would show off his beards. The taxidermist said he could bring all of them out except the smallest. That's ok. We all know it is there! Lol
    tell your ol man congrats man. thats a helluva bird.
    That's a heck of a bird there - definitely one to remember. In the pic he looks like he might be just a little happy about it. lol
    Tell him Congrats!
    awesome bird, congrads on a super special turkey