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  • Almost Again

    Had my wife in the woods again yesterday. Got set up just as light was breaking and the woods were waking up. At about 630 here a gobble hearts start going. I hit the call but he doesn't answer a hen does. Few minutes pass with silence and then he appears but with two hens. He put on a great show for us in the field but stayed about 45 yards away and wife didn't like shot. So we wait he isnt in a hurry. Well then we loose sight of him but know he's there. Then my wife says there he is. He is about ten yards away. She does great getting gun in position but he stays behind some trees so no shot again. Then his hens start calling to him so he follows them. It was fun but me move to a different area. Hit the call one gobbles. We get blind set up and decoy and climb in. Well wouldn't you know it he gets right behind us. I mean so close you here his feathers ruffle up. Wife said it sounded like someone popping sheets. Then he moves to our right, horrible for wife because she's right handed. This bird stayed at 5 yards so he is so close I can not get her to turn he whole body to get shot. This went on for about 15 minutes. Thought we had plenty of time so no rush. Wrong. Then we hear a truck. Oh no. Farmer coming through farm to finish putting in his corn, bird gone. We had a great time. She loved having birds that close. I mean so close you can see them blink. It was hard to keep her from laughing. Even though she hasn't shot one we have had a great time. Maybe next week will be the day.
    hear you!
    Lately, been so close so many times.

    I go out one day, and watch 3 or 4 hens and 3 big toms in a field. All the hens are well within range, but the toms are strutting just too far away. Big toms too!

    Go out the next day and a tom starts coming into range. JUst about the time I get my sights on him, the farmer who owns the field come back with his seeder impliment. Sounds like a Boeing 747 size leaf blower. Tom runs off.

    Next day, I go out after the farmer finishes with the same tractor and seeder. After about an hour, I start hearing some hens and a few toms in the woods ...probably only ten yards in, but cannot get them to come out.

    Go again with my nephew and we don't see a single turkey, but did hear one gobble a ways off.

    Took off work Friday and was set up with my decoys. not too long after, a big ole tom lands and starts running to my jake/submissive hen decoy.

    He is not even 23 foot away from me. I line up, pull the trigger nd watch the tom do a back flip and then fly off straight over me into the woods behind me. Looked for a while and never found him.

    Went out the next day and never saw anything, never heard a peep.

    Since it is now Sunday, I figure there is probably some big 'ole turkey convention in the field with probably 45 record size toms just hanging out without a worry in the world! :)
    I hate to hear your wife didn't get the gobbler again,but it does sound as if you and her are enjoying hunting together. Not a lot of couples share that. Even though its frustrating not having the shot you need to get the bird down,they really are amazing to watch. Sounds like either way you two had a great time hunting,and thats what its really about.
    We talked about when she does finally get one it will be exciting and sad at the same time because her quest for her first turkey will be over. We will have some stories to tell.