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  • Getting better maybe

    Well I do not have a gobbler down yet but I feel it is near. Opening day was exciting! Got in the woods and set up with two hens and a jake decoy. Was no time and once I got settled I soon had three gobblers in front of me I guess 250 yards in the trees. To my right about 500 yards there was two gobblers and behind me about 500 yards was two more. I guess I lost my mind and called too much before they flew down and you guess it they went further and further away from me as time went on. But man I heard probably 300 gobbles till around 10am or so. Hunted all day till 6pm and was able to call in one hen around 3:30.

    Went again yesterday and no gobble till about 7:15 and it stopped about 8:30am. The gobblers were about 4 to 5 hundred yards from me on a posted private tract of land. I broke my setup when I heard the birds and went to the far end of the 120 acre tract I lease. Was able to call a hen to me about 1 hour later. Moved later and called another hen to my setup. Walked and called at noon trying to locate birds and making sets for about 2 hours each. Hunted till 7:30pm. I also made one turkey fly before I got near.

    I know I called too much the first day but yesterday I feel I did right or the best I could do. Not a pro here by no means. I just wish the gobblers would be roosting on my tract soon. Trying my luck again in the morning and all fingers are crossed. Anyway advise is certainly welcome. Thanks all of you and the best for you.
    sounds promising
    Sounds like you have some good birds in the area you are hunting. I think everybody questions whether they are calling too little or too much. I think your best bet would be to hunt mid day or mid morning after the hens have gone to nest. I saw first hand today how a hen will cut a gobbler off from going towards the call of another hen. I was watching some gobblers and hens at a church today where I clean and I used a call to get the gobbler to fan out and everytime he would start moving towards my calling the old boss hen would lead him away,lol. I have a good feeling you will get one,good luck and keep us posted.
    good luck man. stay at it and u will b posting a pic soon... good luck
    Just keep at it man and be patient and you will find yourself holding up a tail fan before too long...Good luck and keep us posted....
    Sounds AWESOME!! It's not hard to over Call to Vocal Birds..I'm Guilty of it also...The Best approach is to do a aggressive sequence and if your positive that he Gobbled at your calling then that's enough...They know where you are but early Season when they have Hens, The Hens will lead them away from thier competition (You) and they (Gobblers) will spend all their energy Strutting with not much Talking...Mid-Day when The hens slip off to nest, They will freak out and start Gobbling on thier own and that's a great time to be after them...Diane shot her Great Bird at around 1:00 and I took mine at 1:38 and Yes we hunted hard up until we found some Birds looking for Love. Are the hens being Vocal? If so..Mock her every sound the Best you can and pee her off...She will come looking for you to show you who's Boss and where she goes Ol Tommy3Toes will follow but yeah..Less is more when your Talking Turkey but like I stated, It's easy to over-Call...If you sound like you want him more than he wants you then he will hang up and wait for ya...Diane and myself witnessed this when I had a Gobbler answer me each time so I told her that I wasn't calling anymore and was going to Call His Bluff and wait him out...20 to 25 minutes later...Here he came DOWN the mountain silent and Looking for me....Guess what I did?...I fired a warning shot at him so he would run off and get bigger lol....Good Luck Buddy and stick with it!!!