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  • Crow decoys are for?

    Okay, I know you don't use them to mhunt other crow, so what are they for?

    I have seen them in Dicks' sporting goods, my local outfitter, Wal-Mart, Bass Pro shops, Cabela's online site,etc...

    I have asked all my hunting friends and nobody knows. Matter of fact, a few think I am pulling their leg about crow decoys.

    So, do they make a deer or turkey think everything is okay in a field? Do they help draw in geese or dove?

    Do you use them to draw in other crow so you can shoot them to keep them out of the cornfield?

    I don'y have any plans to buy any, but I am just curious.

    Thanks, Mark
    I use them to hunt crows,however i have heard of people using them as a confidence decoy for coyotes and waterfowl.
    crow dekes
    i use em late in the season around one of my duck holes for confidence