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  • Becoming a Bowqhunter in North Carolina

    Register for Becoming a Bowhunter in N.C. (BABINC) on NCBA Webpage:

    Do you know someone who wants to learn to bowhunt? Tell them to go to our webpage at

    and click on the link to the 'Pre-Registration Form'. It is located under the 'Becoming a Bowhunter' section where it says 'Click HERE to Register'. Registrants will receive confirmation and pre-class 'Study Guides' to read, study and bring to the classes with them. Any NCBA members interested in volunteering to work with the BABINC program should email to .

    We need certified Hunter Safety and IBEP Instructors to work with Level #1, #2 & #3 students, and bowhunting 'Mentors' to work with students as guide (mentors) in Level #2 and #3 classes. Level #2 will conduct 'simulated' bowhunts that involve scouting; selecting stand sites; placement and use of stands and safety climbing equipment; shot selection at 3D deer targets on a 3D range, and from stands under simulated hunting conditions. Finally, in the Level #3 class, they will participate in a 'REAL' big game hunt for whitetail deer and any other animal they may see that is 'in season' at the time. Basically, our 'Instructors' and 'Mentors' will be serving the same purpose our parents, family and friends did for us. In fact, 'photo hunts' will be conducted any time of the year! Students will be required to take photos of any deer they see that offered the best shot opportunities and be graded on the shot opportunities they would or would not take, based on the shot angle and distance. They would also learn to field dress and butcher the deer they shoot to get the deer from 'Field to Freezer.'