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  • Opening Day

    Its finally Opening Day! Good luck to all and have a safe season!!
    Same to you
    I screwed up this morning, but in the bigger picture, it's gonna help me out. Learned something about spot we had been scouting. We had set up several times and listened and watched the turkeys from a spot and this morning, I set up my decoys there.

    Turns out our 'great' spot is just about invisible to 90% of the field we are hunting.

    While my decoys looked good from where I sat, once you went 35 yards past them on the other side, they dissapeared behind the hump in the field.

    Wall...... after having went back and forth calling to about 4 different toms, and possibly a 5th, we decided to sneak around to the other side of the field since we couldn't get them out of the woods.

    Turns out they were out of the woods and not that far away - we just couldn't see them and vice versa!

    Well, we spooked them off and knew our day was shot. Luckily they didn't fly or run away, just walked away kinda quickly without making a fuss or raising the alarm.

    I figure they will be all cooled down by next Saturday.

    In the process, I did discover a better spot where I can sit in between two huge oaks with low hanging branches. I'll be about 5' in the woods and just about invisible due to shadows and lightingm but will have a spectacular view of the field and where they drop from their roost.
    me too
    @Scoutfish, Sorry You Didnt Have Any Luck This Am!! I Was Sort of in the same boat. Heard a Tom This am Down in a creek bottom on Gameland, i called him he called Back a few times, but i never did see him. and when he gobbled again he was a good ways past me. So my set-up was bad, but i know where he came off the roost, and there's zero amount of pressure from other hunters, so maybe better set-up i may just tag him!! Goodluck!!There At least 3 toms on the tract im hunting a owl hooted around 230pm and shocked a call from two toms together, but again bad set-up i never saw them neagther.
    congrats on your bird today man. talked to GT an he said you gotcha one. caint wait to see pics.
    Chad, It's all good!
    Took my 12 year old with me.
    About 2 weeks ago, he told me he didn't want to hunt turkeys( which I respect), but changed his mind about 5 days ago.

    Took out with me and he got to see the woods the way only people who go out at 5 am see it.

    He got to see the world come to life from a perspective that is different that an alarm clock going ogff.

    Plus: We both learned something.

    I guess I have to sum it up like this:

    We learned there are 5 tomes that haunt this field instead of just two.

    We have zeroed in on their roosting area.

    We learned that alot of their elusivness was in fact, due to the lay of the land, and not because they were on to us.

    Best part of the day was the big look to my sons eyes when he heard that first gobble. And then smiled when he heard the second gobble.

    So, as long as I learn something from my outing, I consider that a sucess.

    Oh, I learned something else too: If you have peacocks around, you might want to warn your child about them AND how they sound BEFORE you go in the woods!

    I guess a peacock's call sounds alot like ghosts and demons do in today's modern horror movies! :)