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  • SPURSUADER is 3 for 3 in 4 Days!!!! Youth Week!!

    WOW!!! Are the Birds responding Good!!!! I was set-up to take a Co-workers Son who has been messing with some Gobblers all week today but I'm a mile away from Their house when he calls and said with the chance of rain they moved his ball practice up to today and the hunt was off...Dang!! I instantly Call my Girlfriends Nephew who has been having trouble with a few Gobblers this week also and ask if he wanted to try them? He said his Gun is Locked up and he can't get it till 6 o'clock..I said..Wanna take mine?? He said SURE!!!Will you help me??? So I tell him to be ready that I'm on my way to get him...He's ready and I ask where have they been hunting and we get there and he shows me his set-up and I see a better spot I like (In the shade lol) by a dead-fall, I put decoys out and when I get back he has his Wally World arsenal out and I ask 'What have you been using?' He has a HS Strut lil Deuce call and a Nice Box call that his grand-pa gave him...I tell him that since the Gobblers have already heard his calls to let me try mine and he agrees...I ask if he could see OK and he nods so I start calling...He tells me that the last time they heard them was Monday morning and I told him to relax that they will probably come in silent, since they have been busted twice in this area..Once opening day and Tuesday while coming in. 20 minutes later, I'm calling again and we look 80 yards out through the timber and Strutter!!!! coming in with 2 Hens...David sees them and instantly starts shaking lol I grab Video camera and film the show while trying to call with 1 hand to keep them interested (I didn't have mouth call in) and it's not sounding great at all but the decoys have the hens attention and here they come!! I tell David that 'He's at 40 but just wait and lets enjoy this!!' When the Gobbler is at 20 yards, David ask 'Can I take the Safety off?? I say YES!!! but he's shaking so bad, he can't get the safety on my mossberg to slide lol He finally said I got it!! I say OK put his head in that Diamond and sqeeeeze!! He said...Want me to pull the trigger?? I said No!! Don't pull it, Squeeeze it!! Then BOOOOOM!!!! DIRTNAP!!!! In a odd twist, the Hens just stood there at the shot until I said..Get on him!! lol WOW!!! What a week!! 3 Kids and 3 First Long-Beard Gobblers....GOD IS GREAT!!!!! Hope I can Find me 1 to kill lol!!!!

    20 lbs
    10 inch Beard
    1 inch Spurs
    Shot @ 5:20 pm
    That is just great. You have definitely been busy this turkey season. My daughters boyfriend won the spursuader from you last year. Might have to get one for myself.
    cool beans
    That's awesome! I'm so jealous.
    Sunday we walked to check the cam and 2 hens and the tom were right in the path @ 7:10pm. Huntman has baseball practice after school but Monday & yesterday we have rushed home, threw on the camo, grabbed our gear, and snook around from the opposite direction to the bottom where we've seen them. Obviously they have not been cooperative. lol Yesterday we didn't see any of them but on Monday they came in from behind us on the opposite side of the creek and roosted about 70/80 yds away. However, both evenings we've had a group of about 11 does come in about 50yds from us. We were rushing to get our mess together yesterday and I dropped my Handycam on the concrete floor of my shop and it busted all to pieces. lol oh well - what ya gonna do
    Anyway, we're gonna keep trying - I told Huntman we were gonna get us a darn turkey this year even if we've gotta go to FoodLion to get it. lol
    I think we're gonna leave that bottom alone for awhile though cuz I'm afraid we're messin' up having already been busted by them turkeys twice this week.
    Well dang!!
    Dang... Yeah Justin...I would give it a rest a few days or at least set up in a different area and try to coax him in..Just be ready..pressured Birds will usually come in dead silent like Ghost...I'm pulling for your guys!!!!
    3 for 3
    congrates, nice bird, GT you and your hunting partners are having a great season,Spursauder is wearing out this year lol.
    way to go
    Another nice bird,oh yeah!!! What better testimony for the effectiveness of the spursuader than all these nice birds being called in. I can't wait to call my share in,lol. You sure are taking advantage of youth week. I know you have made some kids very happy. Way to Go.

    actually I think the kids scoring these great birds is making you happy,lol
    It's AWESOME
    Thanks Guys and Diane...I must say it's been a blast!!! I'm loving this youth week season because 1 day, It's just hard to get it done..I'm tickled my daughter got 1..That's been the highlight of the week..I picked her up from School and her friends were saying 'Go catch another Turkey!!' Most Kids miss out on such a feeling and Rush in the wild and that's Sad!! Hope we do good next week...I'm pumped!!!!!
    Man that's great, all nice birds, going to call for a friend saturday morning and try out the spursuader it sounds good at the house.
    Good season
    Congrats again. Man these stories of the huints so far this season is all it takes for one to be pumped and leaping to the clouds. Another one bites the dust. Go Spursuader! I really like mine. Good luck Saturday.
    Good Luck
    Hunter4 and huntinBucks..Glad you like the calls!!! Wish all you Guys the Best!! They sure fall in Love with them around here lol...I am so pumped to get out there Sat morning that I was awake at 2 am this morning just thinking about the Great hunts I've already been apart of...Hope all you Guys knock 1 out!!!
    ATTA BOY GT!!!
    Way to get all these youngsters into the woods to enjoy the Spring. I am right there with you on birds hitting prime time gobbling phase right now. Mother nature gave us a break from last year. Godd luck inthe am.

    thats great GT
    Good for you my friend. That skill set you have should keep some youngens hooked for life. Hopefully I can get one for Jesse tomorrow a.m. Havent heard but one gobbler around here since last saturday but I think I saw one in the field last night beelineing it to somewhere. Im banking on some silent action but prefer the whole gobbling show. will keep our fingers crossed. Good luck tomorrow ..jager..