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  • SPURSUADER Strikes again...What a season so far and I can't shoot lol

    What are the odds that 15 years ago I meet a Guy that was just shooting his Bow in the yard and I introduced him to Turkey Hunting..His First year he got a Jake and the following year I called him his First long-Beard in and he's been hooked every since...Well Today at 5:55pm I call His Son his First Gobbler in also...You Guys that have watched my Cat-Fishing Videos have seen Donnie and his Son Dylan who is 12 years old now...We have tried to get Dylan his first bird for the last 4 years and like the Hunts with my own Daughter, Something would go wrong or we would get busted so today his Dad calls and ask me to come help him after School that he heard 3 Gobblers this AM while scouting so at 4 we are heading in...In less than 10 Minutes a hen showed up at half Strut and was very mad at my Avian Decoys...She finally spooks and I'm wondering why when I look over and Donnie has his Gloss Black Sun-Glasses on his hat Bill lol...After that...I start cutt'n loud and GobbleObbleObble bout 300 Yards out...I start clucking and soft Purrs and in about 10 minutes here come 2 strutter's and they strutted all the way in to 25 yards and I'm tore up!!!! I'm trying to keep Dylan calm and to Focus and he finally gets on them and Click!! His Gun Misfires...I tell him to pull the pump action back and slam it shut and shoot fast...he does Both and BOOOOM YES!!!! ...again..I had to chase the Gobbler down but we Got him and I'm pumped!!! He told me that he will never forget that Hunt!!! I have to say that I can agree with him lol...I tell you Guys...This Season is 1 of those you Dream of..It's like everything is in Perfect time!! Got all this on Video but not sure when I'll get around to sharing but I will....Good Luck!!!

    21 Pounds
    1 inch Spurs
    10 1/2 Thick Brush Beard
    Shot at @ 5:55 pm
    Kids and hunting.
    Man even if you do not see a bird the rest of this year you have already had a season to remember. Way to go Dylan on your firs bird and what a hunt you had. Good deal all of you. May the gobbles ring again.
    Thanks HB
    AMEN Huntinbucks!!! Brother I'm having a Blast lol..My Daughter told me Sat that I was shaking bad when he Gobbled so close and I said 'I always do!!' well Today after Dylan Shot he said..Man, Joey..You get tore up lol...I said...I know I do but I just LOVE Turkey Hunting!!!
    Great job Dylan. That is a beautiful gobbler.Its great to see all the youth taking advantage of this week long youth season.And congrats to all the parents and friends for getting these youth out there in the woods. It is so important to pass it on.
    GT's Guide Service
    Congrats on a great start to the season. You ever thought about guiding for yourself ?
    Congrats Dylan
    Man that is awesome dude!! Glad yaw had some success. Way to get it done early. GT, you a turkey hunting sucker!! Ducks, how do you say it Dylan, you suck at it LMBO!!!!!!!!!
    LOL Limbhanger, He's been nicer to me lately..Large part might be he has another Tag lol

    TonyB...Wouldn't that be Great to just Guide and watch heads roll lol?..Well actually it wouldn't because I like Killing Turkeys myself lol..Maybe I could do the follow up shots lol?