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  • Don't Everybody Shoot at Once :)

    Ok....Don't everybody shoot at once! There are three longbeards in the field. One in the back is the only one that will blow up and strut. Who do you shoot ?

    The one in strut~

    If you do.... Come back the next day and both of the other two birds will be easy pickings!

    They will be so busy trying to figure out who is the new kingpin that they will forget all about the THUNDER that came down yesterday!

    Both will come running in to calls the next day!

    Next time you shoot a FIELD GOBBLER be sure to shoot the correct one.

    If you shoot one of the subordinate gobblers on that first day, you will have a much more difficult time killing the BOSS :)

    South Carolina Sportsman Field Representative
    Brian M. Carroll
    Mount Pleasant, South Carolina