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    im new to the site just wondering if anybody thinks the turkeys are a little late splitting up this year cant seem to hear or see any in normal roosting areas that seem to always hold turkeys im seeing some hens but no toms or jakes just starting to wonder if they will be their before season comes in,kinda weird they were gobbing and hanging around in march last year but nothin this year......starting to worry lol
    It's taking longer to warm up this year. They are still grouping up some.

    Right here along the coast, you might have a few days of warmer weather and you start seeing toms at the back of fields all fanned out and strutting their stuff.

    Then the temps drop for 3 or 4 days and they group back up toether.

    Then a few days later, Mr.Sunshine comes calling and a couple toms start strutting again.

    This year, we are behind in the average temperatures.
    totally agree
    I agree 100% with that answer every thing is 2 weeks behind this spring.
    Where they at?
    The weather really does not affect Wild turkeys or breeding and nesting behavior all that much, The amount of daylight is the primary trigger for the start of Turkey breeding activities, so even though spring is taking it's time this year, it won't make that much difference to what stage the Turkeys are in...I myself actually think we are going to have a GREAT season and hit it just right...I have Turkey hunted with Snow on the ground and the romance will still be in the air...The longer the days get the more intense the breeding will become...I will say that I have seen more Gobblers in fields than hens and they will Gobble at the truck horn so as you know..Boys will be Boys if the girls are interested or not...The early warm weather WILL get the Gobblers excited because like most males, they know what's in store in the next few weeks. My advice would be to get aggressive with your calling at the opener and try to convince ol thunder throat that your 1 Hen that is ready!!! The Bird my daughter got Gobbled his head off...Even Double and Triple Gobbling making me think there were multiple birds appraoching but he was just FIRED UP!!! and alone!! What sucks is he was the only Gobbler that I had found before the opener so my work continues...THANK GOD I meet Donion on the site here lol because I feel Great about our chances on his grounds.
    just kinda weird
    The farm has had turkeys on it ever since they opened the season in the peidmont its never been hunted till last year and no body can hunt the farms around it so they get no pressure you could go out last year in march and hear 7 longbeards gobble like clock work every morning from the beginning of march till opening day last year and only one of those was shot ....but the only turkeys iv seen or heard is the same six hens i seen during deer season just hoping they will come to meet up with those hens before opening day ..iv seen groups of males within two miles of the farm in the past weeks so hopefuly they will start moving to their spring roost areas. i just dont think they are their yet.
    Good Luck
    We WELOME to the site and Good Luck...I've had a camera in a area for a month and NO turkeys but 3 longbeards hung around all deer season?...I'm starting to think that the Yotes I have been getting on Camera took them out but hard to say...Gonna explore more in a few days!!
    half and half
    birds around here are acting a little strange but in the pat week its starting to turn on. it might be slightly late but that's only gonna benefit us. ive seen toms strutting and gobbling since early march. it will be a good season